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Live Bottom Trailer Pack

Live Bottom Trailer Pack

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This mod consists of two modeled versions of the Gincor Livebottoms 

Also included is a Open Def file place this above the Live Bottom scs file it includes the templates to change the chrome sides of both trailers as well as all cargo def files so you can adjust weights to your preference.  This is a must have file above the trailer scs file if you do not place it above the trailer scs file you will not have any loads in game.

First Version is the 354LBC-S Quad axle with 8 loads ranging from asphalt to be delivered to road construction drop-offs to Coal Gravel being pulled to and from the Mines & Quarries. This Model is packed full of details such as pressure gauges, a calcium sprayer for the belt, airlines and much more.

Chassis Options for the 354LBC-S are as follows Quad axle, Tri-axle, Tri-axle spread

Second Version is the 458LBC-S 8 axle Michigan style trailer built to haul the heaviest of loads permitted on the interstates of Michigan. This heavy unit has a total of 9 loads ranging from asphalt, dirt, sand, gravel, etc. This Model shares a lot of the same detail as the 354LBC-S

The 458LBC-S is only an 8 axle

Both Versions have options such as:

Open, Closed Tarp (so you can view the loads)

Changeable Front Fenders (chrome diamond-plate, painted diamond-plate, chrome and painted)

Changeable Rear Fenders For the 354LBC-S (chrome, painted, plastic) For the 458LBC-S (chrome flat, diamond flat, painted diamond-plate, painted flat)

Mudflaps all mudflaps have the option of the Gincor Logo or No Logo

Work Lights as of release only the original worklights are available more will be added for options

Lights you have the choice of the stock lights or custom light nodes to place your own from a lightpack 

Chrome Side Panels options are original Gincor Logo and Striping, the 2nd option is that the sides are skinnable on both bodies and those files will be included in the open def.

The mod also comes with its own modeled up tires and wheels with mile counter hubs unfortunately due to the game engine those do not actually count up but it is a nice touch

Both Models Were Built By Daramin Design Studio so you can expect details in every part of the trailers!

We hope you enjoy both trailers with the options and we have many ideas for future updates so stay tuned. We strive to allow for customization our stuff.

With this mod we at D&F Modding are aiming for the closest to reality as we can get with our mods so you will notice when your loaded with the 458LBC-S you will experience tire drag if your turning sharp without lifting the axles to help reduce the drag from the tires on the pavement. 


Daramin Design Studio for creating the models with such detail!

Pizzster Modding for the help with cargo defs and getting the product out there to be viewed and testing

ModdedAts for streaming the trailers to help with people seeing the upcoming product for sale

Everyone who tested this trailer for us you will see a lot of the photos that were sent back to us to put up on the website we really appreciate you guys!


 Stay Tuned For Future Projects

 We are in the works on a Discord Server so that you can share your pictures, ideas, and we will show future content to this mod. Any issues send us a message on facebook the profile is : until we get the Discord set up.

If you leak, reupload, or resell this product we have the right to take away future updates.



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